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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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I bought last year for one hundred pounds, in order to compose the lives of English Painters.
September 21st. I gave my Lady Townshend an epitaph and design for a tomb for her youngest son, killed at Ticon-deroga ; neither were used.
Oct. 28th.    I finished the eighth book of my Memoirs.
Oct. 29th. "I began the account of a new discovery of painting upon wax ; it was invented at Paris by the Comte de Caylus, and was improved here by Mr. Miintz.
Nov. 12th. I dismissed Mr. Mtintz; and, upon his leaving me, laid aside the intention of publishing the account of the new encaustic.
1760.    Jan. 1st.    I began the lives of English Artists, from Vertue's MSS. (that is, Anecdotes of Painting,   $c.). About the same time,  there being thoughts of erecting a monument for Sir Charles Hanbury Williams in Westminster Abbey, I wrote an epitaph for it.
March 13th. Wrote the Dialogue 'bet^veen Two Great Ladies. It was published April 23rd, being deferred till after the trials of Lord G-. Sackville and Lord Ferrers.
April. In this month wrote a poem on the Destruction of the French Navy, as an exercise for Lord Beauchamp at Christchurch, Oxford.
Aug. 14th. Finished the first volume of my Anecdotes of Painting in England.
Sept. 5th, began the second volume.
Oct. 23rd, finished the second volume.
1761.    Jan. 4th, began the third volume.
In March, I was appointed trustee for Mrs. Day by Richard Lord Edgcumbe, in his will.
May 30th, wrote a mock sermon to dissuade Lady Mary Coke from going to the King's birthday, as she had lately been ill.
June llth, wrote an epigram on the Duchess of G-rafton going abroad.